Whole Spine MRI

What is a Whole Spine MRI?

A whole spine MRI scan includes the cervical, thoracic, and lumbar spine sections. The spinal cord is also clearly visible during the examination. Cervical spine MRI scan examines cervical spine pain, injuries, numbness radiating to the arm(s).

How to prepare for a whole spine MRI scan?

In all cases, it is recommended that the treating physician be consulted for details prior to the MRI examination, although the native examination does not require special preparation.

It is important to know that due to the strong magnetic field, it is forbidden to bring any metal, device or object containing metal into the examination room! This applies to jewellery, piercings in the body, and some makeup products may contain a substance that affects the success of the test.


What can an MRI of the spine diagnose?

MRI may be used to examine the brain and/or spinal cord for injuries or the presence of structural abnormalities or certain other conditions, such as:

  • Tumors.
  • Abscesses.
  • Congenital abnormalities.
  • Aneurysms.
  • Venous malformations.
  • Hemorrhage, or bleeding into the brain or spinal cord.